Starting in your first quarter in ISS you will begin building your portfolio. Your portfolio is both a tool for integrating all your diverse, interdisciplinary learning in ISS and a way to express your new knowledge and skills to others. You will continue working on your portfolio throughout your entire time in ISS, completing it during ISS 401, the  capstone course, in your last quarter before graduation.

We have compiled the following resources and links to help you learn the technology of Google Sites, the platform for your portfolio.

Portfolio How-To Links

Portfolio Videos ("Classic Sites" only)

These videos will be applicable to students who are using "Classic" Google Sites (mostly only those who enrolled in Autumn 2014 through Spring 2017 and have not upgraded to New Google Sites).

Portfolio FAQS

Q. What is a portfolio?
 From the moment students apply for admission to ISS, they begin construction of a learning portfolio which engages them in an ongoing practice of introspection and integration. For the portfolio, we will use Google Sites rather than Canvas. However, as the emphasis shifts from learning to showcasing in the capstone course, students will be free to choose the platform that allows them to present their work in the best possible way to external audiences. An important part of the portfolio is the academic plan, an unfolding history which allows students to make good choices going forward and to reflect backward on past learning and accomplishments. Both ISS instructors and advisers will assist you in developing your ongoing portfolio.

Q. How do I Get Started with UW Google Apps, so that I can set up my Google Site?
A. Review getting started with UW Google Sites here:

Q. How can I look up my portfolio?  
A. Your portfolio will appear at: (Links to an external site.)  - just like (Links to an external site.) is a list of all your Google docs, is a list of all your Google sites. Be sure you're logged into your UW Google account (and not any other personal or professional Google accounts you may have)!

Q. Where can I find the portfolio template? 
A. The portfolio template here was in use for students who enrolled from Autumn 2014 through Spring 2017. Here is the address: (Links to an external site.). Students who enrolled prior to Autumn 2017 may decide to change their portfolio to the new Sites version. New students starting in Autumn 2017 should not be using the old template.

Q. How is Canvas related to my Google Site?

A. From a technical standpoint, they are not related. They are two different platforms. For the purposes of ISS, Canvas is where you will be “in” specific course like ISS 301 and ISS 350. This is where all of your course content will go. Each quarter you will have a new Canvas course for each class that you are taking. So next quarter you will have all new Canvas spaces. Your Google portfolio, however, goes with you each quarter - and this is the main reason we are using Google Sites vs. another kind of portfolio platform. The URL that you will adopt in Lesson 02 of ISS 350 will stay with you for your entire educational journey through ISS. This is why you are posting the URL for your Google site into Canvas for your 350 portfolio assignments (and not using anything on Canvas to do them). So, you are simply giving me the link to your site for ease of grading and submission out of Canvas, but they are two different platforms.

Q. Where can I get help on embedding photos or videos on my portfolio?
There are several help guides that may be useful:

Q. I'm taking ISS 355 for the second time, and I've noticed the assignments are the same. Can I resubmit the same assignments?
You'll want to submit new assignments and treat it as a new course. The goal is to have a nicely stocked portfolio so that when you go to take 401, the capstone course, you'll have lots of material to draw from on your portfolio. Submitting the same work for credit in two different courses is in fact plagiarism, and although it may seem repetitive if you have already taken 355, you'll have a leg up in that you already know what to expect out of 355. You can certainly draw on past assignments in the thematic courses - i.e. you might decide to revise part of a paper that you worked on in a thematic course from last quarter. Revising old papers and developing them on your portfolio is the kind of thing we are looking for so that you are really integrating all of your learning on the portfolio.