The University of Washington uses the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), which creates a platform for instructors to organize course material and interact with students through online assignments, discussion boards and chat rooms.The ISS degree will be completed entirely online within Canvas. Through Canvas, students will access course content such as the course syllabus and assignments, videotaped lectures, Power Point presentations with voiceover, discussion boards, and other materials.  Registered students will be able to access Canvas up to a week prior to the start of each course. It is imperative that students have their UW NetID set up well in advance of the quarter start, as they will use that to log in to Canvas. 

Canvas How-To Links

Canvas FAQs

Q. How do I access Canvas and what should I expect?
A. Canvas is accessed through your web browser. You don’t need to install any software, but you do need a reliable internet connection and must have a UW student NetID in order to access the system.  You will log on to Canvas at to see the list of courses you are currently enrolled in. Click on your course to participate -  view lectures, read assigned texts, submit assignments, participate in discussion boards, and communicate with your instructor and classmates. Canvas also allows instructors and advisors to monitor student progress, to provide feedback, and offer support and encouragement as needed.  

Q. Do you have any tips for posting to the discussion forum?
A. We highly recommend that you save all of your work, even simple discussion posts. A good way to do this is to work in a big word document that will come to contain all of your discussion posts from the quarter. Once you've composed your post you can then copy and paste it into Canvas. If you do choose to compose your posts (or assignments!) in Canvas, know that there's a chance you'll lose your work if there's a glitch (e.g., lost internet connection) when you go to post/submit. One way to mitigate this risk is to always copy any text you've composed before you hit post/submit so that you can re-paste it to try again (or send it to yourself in an email if Canvas goes down or isn't working properly). 

Q. I’m having trouble getting the videos to play properly, what can I do? 
A. Here are some tips from Ryan Adams, our cinematographer extraordinaire, on the videos and how to troubleshoot buffering issues some of you may be encountering with the videos:
The standard video playback trouble shooting is:

  •  Update to the latest web browser
  • Use another browser. Chrome or Firefox
  • Upgrade to latest version of flash.

If you are experiencing freezing or buffering, you are likely having a problem with flash. The media player automatically switches between flash and html5. It's usually flash that does the buffer/freeze thing.

Q. Why is there a “T” in the gradebook for one of my assignments? Does this mean that assignment is missing?  
A. The “T” just means “text submission” and is nothing to worry about – it is actually a good thing because it means that your assignment was submitted. The “T” is just there to note that an assignment has been submitted, but not yet graded. Once the assignment is graded, the “T” will be replaced with your score.

Q. I'd like Canvas to display a name other than the one in the UW official system. How can I do that?
A. If you would like, you can change your Canvas settings so that your discussion forum profile states you preferred name - just please do not change your "Full Name" (the one the instructor uses to assign your grades) or it could lead to serious confusion!

Q. How can I change my Canvas notification settings?
A. Your Canvas notification settings are critical to ensure you are receiving all of the different communications sent by your instructor. Missing even one announcement or message can cause a lot of extra frustration and/or disappointment. Use these links to learn more about setting your notifications so you don't miss a thing: