There are many ways to find the help you need to make the technology work for you rather that against you! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for some great answers that come from faculty and students. 

Don't forget that your fellow students are a great resource; post a query on a course discussion board (if the instructor encourages such posts).  If you're noticing a technical issue with a course, make sure your instructor knows about the issue.

You can search for solutions, free software, and other technical treasures at UW IT Connect. Finally, if all else fails, contact the UW IT Help desk:, or 206-221-5000. They have wonderful staff who are eager to help.

General Questions

Q. What type of computer and applications do I need for this program?
What application(s) do you use for delivering online courses?
Q. How do I get help with technical difficulties/issues?
Q. What browser is best to use? 
Q. Can I use a mobile device or iPad to do my work?
Q. How do I access my Google Drive? 
Q. How can I join the ISS Facebook Group? 
Q. How do I take a screenshot / screen grab?
Q. Are ISS students allowed to check out equipment from Classroom Technology and Events?
Q: How can I find online applications and tools, such as software for creating and editing video content? I believe such tools could be useful for enhancing my portfolio.

Portfolio Resources

Find links to how-to resources and videos along with answers to the questions below.

Q. What is a portfolio?
Q. How do I Get Started with UW Google Apps, so that I can set up my Google Site?
Q. How can I preserve my UW Google Site and documents after I graduate?
Q. How can I preserve my UW Google Site and documents if I need to take time off?
Q. How can I look up my portfolio?  
Q. Where can I find the portfolio template?

Q. How is Canvas related to my Google site? 
Q. Where can I get help on embedding photos or videos on my portfolio?

Canvas Resources

Your resource for common Canvas issues, links to useful instructional videos and answers to these FAQs.

Q. How do I access Canvas and what should I expect?
Q. Do you have any tips for posting to the discussion forum?
Q. I’m having trouble getting the videos to play properly, what can I do? 
Q. Why is there a “T” in the gradebook for one of my assignments? Does this mean that assignment is missing?  
Q. I'd like Canvas to display a name other than the one in the UW official system. How can I do that?
Q. How can I change my Canvas notification settings?