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The ISS curriculum has been carefully designed to give students both the flexibility to follow their interests and the rigor expected of a world-class university degree. Below are links to some of the key details about our program.

The ISS Degree

Curious about our overall program objectives and goals? Check out our ISS Degree page for the big picture.


From the general education requirements, to the major requirements, to the electives, the Requirements page helps clarify what ISS students need to graduate.


Wondering what the ISS core classes are? Or curious about your options for thematic courses? The Courses page provides a convenient list of all of our ISS course offerings along with their descriptions, associated thematic areas, and the general education requirements each fulfills.

ISS Themes

Learn more about our seven thematic areas and the courses that fall under each area here.

Scholarly Recognition

We are constantly impressed with the level of scholarship our students exhibit! To honor students' efforts, we have established recognition programs specifically for ISS students. Learn more here!