We are fortunate to have a student body with such varied life experiences. While many ISSers are transfer students or are returning UW Huskies, we have a few current Huskies who joined our major from the day program at UW Seattle. Some of our students are hoping to advance in their current career, others are searching for a new path, and others still are trying to define the type of life they want to have.  Many of our students care deeply about social issues, whether it be inequality in all its social and economic forms, environmental sustainability, international peace, or health.  Some students focus on domestic issues, while others are driven to understand large-scale international issues and their impact on our lives.

Here are some demographic highlights about the ISS student population:

  • Some of our students first started college in the 1960s and 1970s, while other students started college just a couple years ago.
  • Our largest age group is the 20-29 years olds, but when combined, over 55% of our students are 30 years or older.
  • Approximately 70% of our students work full time.
  • Roughly 35% of our students identify with a racial or ethnic minority.
  • About 30% of our students have families with dependent children or are caring for aging parents.
  • Three quarters of our student population live in Washington state.  We have a large number of students living in California, Idaho, and Oregon.  We also have students living abroad in China, Cuba, France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.


World Map with ISS staff and student locations mapped

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In Their Own Words: Why Our Students are Here

“I hope to gain the skills necessary to consistently bring a unique and thoughtful perspective to the table. When everyone is thinking inside of the box, I want to be the outlier leading the way to innovative problem solving.”

“I am already blown away by how much my own views, opinions, and beliefs are being challenged in a positive way with the readings, lessons, and discussions. Besides the attainment of a degree, I am anxious to grow intellectually and expand my views.”

“I hope to possess the language and wherewithal to be a better citizen both globally and within my local community. I want to use my degree to be in an informed position to produce social change.”


ISS Student Profiles

The ISS program has a number of military affiliated students in our program.  In November, 2015 the UW Perspectives newsletter interviewed one of our active duty students.  See the article here!