To register for *most classes, log in to

ISS students can register for *most types of approved courses (ISS, self-paced, and some Early Care and Education courses) using MyUW. You may also contact C2 Registration at 206-543-2310 or during any registration period to register. The information below describes the processes for registering for different types of online courses at UW.

NOTE: ISS students can use MyUW to register but not MyPlan! (Select "Register using SLN codes")

*For group start courses, we strongly recommend registering as early as possible using the online registration portal, starting on the first day of Period 1 registration. Registration for group start courses will not be possible via MyUW during Period I or Period II except in Summer Quarter, though we still recommend using the online portal to take advantage of the earlier registration priority.


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Registration Tips and Reminders


Continuing ISS students
  • Review and update your Learning Plan before registering (you can access it on your UW Google Drive Account).

  • Please check in with your adviser if you plan to change your schedule. Your Learning Plan requires approval so we know you’re staying on track and to stay in good standing as per our Continuation Policy.

  • Registration for most courses begins in Period I, based on your specific registration priority date.

​New Students
  • You will register in Period II, and only after you've attended a group advising meeting.  At this meeting you will learn about which first quarter courses you will need to take, and you will receive registration instructions.  Please visit the Getting Started page to learn more!
  • Register early!  Space in courses, especially group start courses, can be limited. Signing up as early as possible increases the likelihood that you will get what you want. Also payment will not be due until the third Friday of the quarter. There is no reason to delay!
  • Not sure about the difference between ISS, Group Start, Self-paced, and ECE courses?  Check out this page to learn more!
  • WARNING ON EXAMS for GROUP START and SELF_PACED COURSES:  Some Group Start and Self-paced courses do require in-person mid-terms and/or finals.  If you are a local student, you may come to campus to take exams.  If you are not local, you should let your instructor know immediately so that you may work with UW Continuum College (C2) to arrange for an exam proctor in your area.  This does not apply to ISS major courses.

  • After registration: After you register on MyUW, it typically takes up to 30 minutes for you to be enrolled in your Canvas courses, so don't panic if your classes don't show up in Canvas right away.  If you have not been added to canvas by the end of the day, you can call the C2 Registration office to check on the status of your registration at 206-543-2310. For Group Start courses it will still take 1-2 business days for your registration request on the online portal to be processed. Check MyUW to confirm enrollment. If 2 business days have gone by and you are not enrolled, you can call C2 Registration or contact your adviser for assistance.

  • Visit your MyUW frequently for updates and changes. Stay ahead of payments, registration holds, and financial aid status.

  • Bookmark this webpage and the UW Academic Calendar. Payment deadlines, drop and refund deadlines, and other important dates are all included in the Academic Calendar.

  • If you are using the Time Schedule to find classes, always make sure you are in the UWPCE Time Schedule and not the on-campus Time Schedule (they look very similar!)

  • Contact your adviser if you have questions, especially if you think you need to drop a course or if you're planning to enroll in any classes after the quarter has started.

How and When to Register (Quick Key)


Course Type Method When
ISS Courses My UW

Continuing ISS Students: Period I

First Quarter or Returning Former ISS Students: Period II

Group Start Courses

Online Registration Portal

Continuing ISS Students: The very first day of Period I registration (even before your own priority date)

First Quarter or Returning Former ISS Students: Period II

ECE Courses MyUW Period II
Self-paced Courses MyUW

Continuing ISS Students: Period I

First Quarter or Returning Former ISS Students: Period II

All types of UW Summer courses at any UW Campus MyUW Period I