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While some ISS courses, like ISS 301 and ISS 350, include reading materials within the course itself, other courses require students to purchase or otherwise find access to course materials. This webpage provides information on how to identify required textbooks and ideas for acquiring required texts.

No textbooks are required for ISS 301 and 350.

How Do I Find Required Textbook Information?

Students gain access to ISS courses a week before the quarter starts, at which time you will have access to the Course Resources pages and syllabus. However, we recognize this may not be early enough for you to receive your textbooks in time for courses. Here are some ways to find textbook information before classes start.


The UW Bookstore is the official textbook resource for UW--this is where UW faculty submit textbook lists for order. If the instructor has indicated that there are no required textbooks, this information will also appear. When textbook requests are submitted, this list is shown on your MyUW account once you are registered for the course. You can find this information on your Front Page where the schedule information is provided.

UW Bookstore

If you are not registered for the course and want to know the textbook list, you can still look information up by going to the UW Bookstore website, which provides a textbook search tool and even an online purchase comparison tool. Start your search by clicking on the “buy from us” radio button, which will take you to the textbook search page. (This does not commit you to purchasing your textbooks from UW Bookstore.)


What If the Textbook Information Isn't Listed?

If the textbook information for your course is not listed on MyUW or the UW Bookstore web pages, your next best bet is to contact the instructor directly because they are the best source of current information. To find your instructor’s contact information, you can look them up via their profile (under the “People” menu) or in the UW Directory. If they don’t respond within a week it is okay to check in with them again. Keep in mind that some faculty might be on sabbatical or on research trips. If you don’t hear from the instructor, contact your adviser.


I’ve Identified My Required Textbooks--Where Do I Acquire Them? What Next?