(Effective Autumn Quarter 2014)

While the University has regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuance, ISS seeks additional requirements in order to make the best use of the limited resources and to provide reasonable assurance for academic success. Students are encouraged to frequently review their academic progress and may request an evaluation from the Office of Academic Services at any time.

The ISS Continuation Policy in PDF format

Basic Criteria for Satisfactory Progress

  1. Students are expected to make satisfactory progress towards the attainment of a bachelor’s degree. Under normal circumstances, ISS majors would be considered to be making satisfactory progress if they are enrolling in program course work and are adhering to academic plans approved by the ISS Office of Academic Services.
    1. ISS majors must create academic plans with their advisers as part of their portfolio development process. These plans will lay out both the courses the students have taken and those they plan to take in order to complete degree requirements and achieve program and individual learning goals. All such plans will be maintained as part of each student’s library of e-portfolio artifacts.
    2. Any change or revision of the academic plan (e.g., dropping individual courses, withdrawing from the quarter, taking courses not specified in the plan, etc.) must be approved by an ISS adviser.
    3. Students must review their academic plans with an ISS adviser at least once per year. Lack of academic progress may be further evidenced by low scholarship, failure to enroll in or complete major requirements, as well as excessive course repeats, course drops, or University withdrawals and cancelations.
  2. Students in the Integrated Social Sciences major are expected to maintain a 2.0 average GPA in courses counting towards major requirements.
  3. No courses used to satisfy any major requirements may be taken on a satisfactory/ non-satisfactory basis.
  4. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00, and thereby avoid appearing on the University's Low Scholarship list.

Review and Notification of Progress

The ISS Office of Academic Services will review student academic plans quarterly. If a student's performance fails to meet the standards outlined above in any quarter during their tenure as a major in the Integrated Social Sciences major, the student may be placed on warning, probation, and in extreme situations, may be dismissed from the major.


Students will be issued a warning letter via email by Director of Academic Services the first quarter they do not meet departmental satisfactory progress. The warning letter is issued only one time. Students receiving a warning letter must consult with an ISS adviser. The adviser will offer assistance by recommending resources, helping to plan a course load that is manageable, and clarifying both program and individual learning goals so that the academic plan may be reaffirmed or modified and approved. ISS majors who fail to meet satisfactory progress should consult with an adviser as soon as possible. This can prevent progressing towards probation and dismissal. Students are encouraged to discuss all circumstances leading to a lack of satisfactory progress, including extenuating circumstances and situations outside of academic life that may impact student success.


Students on warning status who do not remove their deficiencies the following quarter will be placed on probation. Students on probation will be notified of their status and a registration hold will be placed on their student account. To remove the hold, students must communicate with an ISS adviser within 30 days of being notified of their status. Students who do not meet with an adviser will not be able to register for future quarters.


Students on probation multiple quarters who fail to communicate with an ISS adviser or continually fail to meet satisfactory progress can be dismissed from the ISS major.

Appealing Probation or Dismissal

Students who are placed on probation or dismissed from the ISS major may appeal their status by writing a letter to the Director of ISS within 30 days of notification. Included in the letter should be any additional information in support of the student or any other information that the student believes is relevant. The Director of ISS and Director of Academic Services will review carefully all the available information and then decide whether or not academic probation should be considered for another quarter. The appeal must be made within 30 days of the notification of placement on probation or dismissal. The Director will make a response to the appeal within 30 days.