ISS Advisers at Advising Conference

The ISS Advisers recently presented at two conferences, the UW/Community College Advising Conference and the Region 8 National Academic Advising Association Conference. Both presentations introduced The Learning Plan, a unique advising tool developed by Mel Wensel, ISS Adviser and Director of Academic Services.

The Learning Plan combines long-term degree planning with on-going reflection. It helps the ISS advising team ensure that students know what requirements they need to fill to graduate, provides opportunities for student-adviser interaction, bridges student learning with community building, and expands on the adviser’s role as an educator. Each student begins their Learning Plan as an assignment in their first quarter in ISS 350 (Introduction to Portfolio in the Social Sciences) and then they revisit their plan in ISS 355 (Portfolio Seminar in ISS).

The reflection portion of the Learning Plan assignment integrates the student’s personal, professional and intellectual goals with their concrete academic plans. It also provides an opportunity for students to review significant learning experiences and identify the ways in which their courses complement one another and the skills they’ve expanded on through their ISS coursework. Combined, these planning and reflective activities enable advisers to better support our students as we have a fuller understanding of their interests and long-term goals.


Mel getting ready to present at the NACADA Region 8 Conference



Mel presenting at NACADA Region 8 Conference