ISS plans to continue our regular operations in Spring Quarter. The corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic has us all anxious about what we should be doing, what's coming, and how we are going to cope. Although we are very grateful that, as a 100% online program, ISS is exceptionally well prepared to weather the current storm, we also understand that ISS students, faculty, and staff are all affected by the corona virus outbreak in many aspects of their lives. Please be assured that ISS is fully operational and that your staff and faculty are here to encourage and support you.

Please know that if at anytime, now or in the coming quarter, you have concerns about how the Covid-19 situation is affecting your coursework -- or have any other concerns at all! -- we encourage you to stay in close contact with your instructors and the ISS advising team. We will do everything we can to help you continue making progress toward your degree even while navigating these difficult times.