Learning in the online environment offers much flexibility to get your work done when it most convenient for you. At the same time, the asynchronous nature of our courses means that much of the responsibility to stay on track lies with the student. Here are some ideas generated by your fellow students on the UW ISS Facebook group along with other sources to get you started!

Motivation Overcomes Procrastination

  • Why are you here?  What are your goals? Write these goals down and keep them in sight to keep you motivated when you need help staying focused.

Get Organized

  • Read through the syllabi at the beginning of the quarter and map out when assignments are due for your classes.
  • Identify all the things that  need to get done during the day and throughout the week, including academic, family, and professional responsibilities.
  • Create a “To-Do” list! This can be on paper, a white board next to your work space, or on a computer or phone app. Try one for the day and one for the week. Prioritize the most urgent items, and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing something off when you are done.

Find a Routine to Stay on Track

  • Check course announcements and UW email daily to stay on top of schedule changes.
  • Reserve specific days and times every week for homework and reading. 
  • If you are taking more than one class, dedicate specific days of the week to focus on each class. This can help your work seem more manageable and keep the content fresh in your mind.
  • When are you most productive? If you are a morning person, take advantage of that time when you are most effective to knock assignments out of the way.
  • It isn’t always feasible, but if you can, schedule in time for rest and fun. This helps you avoid burnout!

Find the Right Tool

  • Find what works best for you to help keep track of your tasks! Use a hard-copy calendar or day-timer, or experiment with the calendar tools for Outlook or Google. Or try a mobile app like MyLifeOrganized or Remember the Milk.
  • If you haven’t already, download the Canvas app on your mobile device to make it easy to check course announcements, deadlines, and correspondence with faculty when you are on the go. Take advantage of down time on the bus or your kid’s soccer practice!