Period I: "priority registration"


This registration period is for continuing students (currently enrolled) or for students who have completed the previous quarter. This is also your "priority" registration period. The earliest you can register for the upcoming quarter is at 6:00 a.m. on your priority registration date, which is also displayed on your MyUW when you click on "Personal Services" and "Registration."

You can also determine your priority date ahead of time by checking the Academic Calendar. See "Registration Deadlines" and then click on the date range for the quarter in question. You'll then see the date as determined by your class standing (total number of credits completed) and the last digit of your UW student number. (Each class standing is split over two days; the group who registers first alternates with each quarter.)

Total credits and class standing:

0-44 Freshman
45-89 Sophomore
90-134 Junior
135+ Senior





Veterans and students with disabilities can register starting on the first day of Period I. If you are a student with a registered disability and you are unsure if you have priority registration, contact your DRS Access Manager for more information.

Students who have applied for graduation can have up to two quarters of GSP (Graduating Senior Priority) where they can register on the first day of Period I if a graduation application has been submitted far enough in advance of the registration period.


Period II:

This registration period is primarily for newly admitted ISS students and returning former ISS students. Continuing ISS students may register any day during this period. This period is the time between the end of Period I (all class standings' priority dates have passed) and the start of the quarter. To find the Period II registration dates for the upcoming quarter, see the Academic Calendar and "Registration Deadlines."

Period III:


This registration period is the first week of the quarter; i.e. the first day through the 7th calendar day of the quarter. It is open to all students for adds and changes.


More information about UW registration periods can be found on the University Registrar's webpage.

Registration information for ISS students can be found on the ISS Registration information page.