Recommendations for ISS Alumni

UW-IT has an email and data retention policy that affects all students and alumni. The information on this page applies to those students who recently graduated from UW’s Integrated Social Sciences BA degree completion program.
What Do I Need to Do?
  • Set up UW email forwarding if you would like to retain your UW email address (if you haven’t already);
  • Back up emails stored in your UW email account if you would like to retain them;
  • Back up any files you have stored in your UW Google Drive;
  • Back up your ISS Portfolio if it you kept it in UW Google Sites for your Capstone.
How Do I Save Everything?
If you decide not to save your email, you can simply manually deactivate your UW email service.
Files Stored in Google Drive
  • Migrate Files from UW Google Drive to a personal Gmail account

    • Works for UW Gmail email and Contacts too!
  • Export a copy of all your UW GSuite content using Google Takeout
    • This will work for students with Classic Google Sites. Those with New Google Sites should see instructions on copying your Site to a personal Google account (below).
    • Creating an archive of your UW GSuite content can take a week—give yourself time!
Your ISS Portfolio