The following degree requirements apply to students entering the ISS program Autumn 2016 and after. Students that entered the program Autumn 2014 through Summer 2016 should consult with their adviser.


  • 60 total major credits required
  • 50 credits must be upper-division (300 and 400 level)
  • 45 credits must be completed “in residence” in the ISS major after admission

20 credits in ISS core courses

  • ISS 301: Social Science Theory in Context (5 credits)
  • ISS 302: Survey of Social Science Methods (5 credits)
  • ISS 350: Introductions to Portfolios in the Social Sciences (2 credits)
  • ISS 355: Portfolio Seminar (3 credits)
  • ISS 401: Capstone (5 credits)

Learn more about the portfolio you will develop in your core classes!

40 credits in thematic areas courses

  • 40 credits distributed across at least 5 of the 7 thematic areas
  • At least 3 academic disciplines/department course prefixes (e.g., SOC, COM, JSIS, GEOG, etc.) must be represented in the 40 credits
  • Up to 15 credits of prior social science coursework may be applied to the thematic areas.  Of those 15 credits, no more than 10 credits in lower-division course work (100- and 200-level courses) may be applied

ISS majors must maintain a minimum 2.0 average in all courses applied to major requirements. For more information about GPA requirements, please see the ISS Continuation Policy (rules for satisfactory progress).

For questions about degree planning and course sequencing, please visit our degree planning page.