Recommendations for ISS Students Taking Time Off or Leaving the ISS Program

UW-IT implemented a new email and data retention policy that affects all students and alumni. This information applies to those students intending to:

  1. complete their studies at UW;
  2. take more than one quarter off of school (excluding Summer Quarter);
  3. withdraw from the ISS program.
What Do I Need to Do If I Plan to Return After More Than One Quarter Off?
  • Let your adviser know that you plan to continue your studies at UW so that we can request that your email and GSuite services are retained.

What Do I Need to Do If I Do Not Plan to Return?
  • Let your adviser know;
  • Set up UW email forwarding if you would like to retain your UW email address (if you haven’t already);
  • Back up emails stored in your UW email account if you would like to retain them;
  • Back up any files you have stored in your UW Google Drive;
  • Back up your ISS Portfolio if you would like to.
How Do I Save Everything?
Files Stored in Google Drive
Your ISS Portfolio